Ayuda, Fidini Robeta. 2011. Improving Students’ Speaking Skill Through Simulation of Eleventh Grade Students in SMK PGRI 1 Bojonegoro in Academic Year 2010/2011. Thesis. English Departement Faculty of Language and Art. IKIP PGRI Bojonegoro. Advisors (I): Drs. Nugroho Khoironi, M.Pd.(II): Panti Hapsari, S.Pd, M.Pd.
Key Words: Improving, Speaking Skill, Simulation
In this research paper, the writer tries to find the effective solution to improve the speaking skill of the third year students of SMK PGRI 1 Bojonegoro by employing simulation as a method of teaching speaking. The objectives of this study are: (1) to know if simulation technique can improve students’ speaking skill of eleventh grade students of SMK PGRI 1 Bojonegoro, (2) to describe how effectiveness of simulation in increasing the students’ speaking skill of SMK PGRI 1 Bojonegoro, and (3) to know the students’ response of simulation in class on SMK PGRI 1 Bojonegoro. The subject of the study is limited to the second year students of SMK PGRI 1 Bojonegoro, consisting of 27 students.
The writer employs a classroom action research. This research was conducted in five meetings. The data sources of this research are the scores of students pre-test and post-test. Methods of collecting data are observation format, field note, test and documentation. Techniques of analyzing the data are reduction, presentation and verification of the data.
Based on the analysis the writer draws some conclusions. First, the implementation of simulation technique in class action research is effective because the students can enrich the vocabulary more, not afraid and shy to perform in front of the class and they are active in speaking activities. The processes of improving speaking skill using simulation are asking the students to act as other person in different situation. The speaking activity is completed with some forms of document related to the topic in order that the activity looks real, then giving some props to the students in their act in order that they are more enjoyed and interested in speaking activity. Second, the result of teaching action using simulation technique shows that the students score of post-test is higher then the students’ score of pre-test. So, the writer can conclude that the students are able to achieve a good result. Third, the students’ response of teaching speaking using simulation technique in speaking class is good. It can be shown from the result of interview after the teaching action has been implemented. Moreover, they are not bored in teaching learning process and they get motivation in speaking activity.



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